About Me

Key accomplishments. 2010 to present:

  • Worked with varying types of audiences. Delivered executive level strategy in addition to hands on technical expertise.
  • Demonstrated product alignment with business value to make businesses more efficient.
  • Recently obtained Amazon Authorized Instructor status from AWS in January 2021.
  • Managed various IT security solutions. (Palo Alto XSOAR, Tanium, ExtraHop, JASK, Splunk.)
  • Taught official VMware and AWS curriculum so students could obtain VMware and AWS certifications.
  • Selected by VMware to be a VMware vExpert for 2012-2021. vExpert on vSAN (2017/2018).
  • Ranked as finalist (Top 5) for VCI of the Year for the America‚Äôs region for 2018.
  • Worked when needed in pre-sales roles to identify new opportunities and help drive new business deals.
  • Maintained and grown a global VMware vSphere infrastructure at multiple enterprise clients.
  • Built relationships with external vendors to build technical in-house solutions.
  • Run a homelab environment at home for product demos, security and application testing.
  • Worked with various storage platforms/vendors (NFS, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, vvols, vSAN) to troubleshoot disk I/O problems and bottlenecks.
  • Focused on building knowledge around AWS Cloud technologies (S3, CloudWatch, IAM, EC2, EFS, VPC)
  • Worked with clients to move critical server infrastructure to cloud services like VMware vCloud and Amazon Web Services to scale with their needs and provide a more reliable infrastructure.

I have a wide breadth of varied experience related to information technologies. I started out in the field working in a Systems Analyst role where I worked with various hardware and software platforms. I was a technical project lead on a company wide deployment of full hard disk encryption for corporate laptops and later moved into a Systems Administration role where he worked with several different platforms including Windows Server, VMware, AWS and Citrix. I’ve always enjoyed working in a variable IT role over the years. I strive to be a great instructor with consistent positive feedback. While consulting, Ryan worked in everything from in the trenches type work to pre-sales. I’m a quick learner and perfected the art of explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences. I enjoy mentoring others on what I knows and always open to learning new things.